Pieku = Haiku + Pie:

A poem about pie written in three lines in 5-7-5-syllable format.

The 17 syllables should preferably include a "kigo" (or reference to a season.)

Here's an example... 

The mighty rhubarb                (First line has 5 syllables)
Tasty encrusted in gold         (Second line has 7 syllables)
Sweet slice of summer           (Third line has 5 syllables)

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Classic Pieku Entries from Previous Years...


When shopping local,
GifTicket, Inc. you should try,
And give someone pie.

Would you like some pie?
The Front Desk Belle can supply.
Just ring and we'll fly.

Seasonal Pie
Best tasted in season, no?
Joy is in tasting

-- Doc

Philosophy is
Our attempt to reason why
We all love the pie

Do not reason why
Ours is but to eat the pie
When gone, do not cry

Oh circle of life
Many layered crust surrounds
Deep meaning within

Behold apple pie
Flaky warm and star-spangled
Slice of pure freedom

In your own abode
May pie always be present
And be a la mode

Kitchen samurai
Create your own rising sun
Round, red, cherry pie

-- Pie Plato




The smacking of lips!
Then comes a huge, happy smile
The joys of being pie-faced!


You must apply pie
Before going in the sun.
Pie is delicious.

--Rooty Tooty

Enter every year.
Pie Fest is a good cause but
My pies never win.

--S. Q. Pedalian



When you eat the pie
Warm memories bye and bye
Fill the heart and thigh

--Ken M.


If you take the pi
Out of opinion, you get
Onion Pi! De-lish!!!!!!!!!!

---The Pie-rate


Fall's empty pie plate
Pumpkin growing on a vine
Pick, slice, spice and bake



Crusty Flaky Pie
Blueberry or Cherry make me sigh
Oh, how I love pie.

--Terri Langford


Cinnamon sugar
Crust scraps rolled into pinwheels
Dreaming of Nana



It's three point one four
But really it's so much more
I'm eating pie SCORE!



I really like pie
It tastes so delectable
Yum in my tummy



What is the circum-
frence of a tasty pastry?

--The Pie-rate


Flaky crust falls from
Your mouth. Hurry! Catch it quick!
Seven second rule!!

--The Pie Fairy


So warm and so cold
Comforting guilty pleasure
My pie a la mode

--Katie Simon


Swimming mincemeat mile
Fall-cool water, hot oven
Time soon to eat pie

--Alexia Smith


Lattice crust on top
Plum juice drips over the edge
My fork awaits, yum!

--Aunt Jill

Late Summer's Bounty
Plucked for Deep Dish Delight
Glistening Black Berry

--Leslie Ayers


Love the bottom crust
But why is there no top crust?
Ugh half naked pie.

--Samantha Copping


The easiest way
to make teenage son smile wide
Banana Cream Pie!

--Grayson's Mom


Fruit pies are yucky
All seasons for chocolate
Chocolate pies YUM!

-- Debbie Desjardins

Golden apples now
Ripen on leafy green boughs
Ready for a pie



Yom Kippur and pie
Mature fruit in golden crust
A year of good life

--Phil Hyre





Who and What
Where and When
Pie Baaking Contest
Mincemeat Mile Swim
Photo Gallery
Thank You

To inspire you: 

Is your pie full round?
Can three point one four be found?
Pie with Pi is sound.

---Christina R. Larlee


O, circle of joy!
     Fall, winter, summer and spring
         You always delight!

Seven pies repose.
    Eyes explore; how to decide?
       Where’s the whipped cream, Mom?

Awaiting spring thaw:
    Heaped atop a cherry pie
        Ice cream slowly melts.














Memaw's bright kitchen
With pumkin and apple pies
Always full of love

--Melissa Hennis


Filling full of love
Crust kneaded to perfection
Yearning for a taste!

--April D.


Crumble but no crust
Hot and crunchy and so sweet
Cousin to the pie



Apples and Crumble
A hot slice of yummy pie
waiting to be et.

--The Dali Piema


A Perfect Circle
That We Would Love to Divide
Nothing Equals Pie

--  Dr. Cy Ince
   aka  Krusty the Pie-Clown
   aka David 'deep dish' Ayers


Apple-- that's my style
Mincemeat pie that's not worthwhile
But rolling crust sucks

--Shortfellow Karlet Campbell


Memaw's pumpkin pie
Always the best of the bunch
She added in love 

--Karla Sprouse


Pies for the asking
Bet I can eat more than you!
Or so I've been told.



Pie in the sky is
wild but pie in the pool is
filled with good people.



Homemade pie, sublime
The hungry beast is sated
Who needs dinner now?


Are you gonna write
a pieku my wife wonders.
Not without pie first.

--Chris Haskett


O Gracious Cobbler
With Autumn's Crust and Crumble
Fear Not the Ice Cream

--Longfellow Flakybottom


Pie is best in fall
When both pumpkins and apples
Come ripe to table



Apples in buckets
Crisply awaiting pie-ness
On the kitchen floor

--Phil Hyre


Autumn pie of mine
Crisp sweet apples piled way high
Drizzled cream, big slice!

--Aunt Jill


Accept your sad fate
Apples, pumpkins, pears, pecans
It is time for pie



Crust Crust Crust Crust Crust
Filling Filling So Filling
Crust Crust Crust Crust Crust

--Mollie Messimer

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